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وكيل الآيكوم في سوريا .. شركة ثائر للإلكترونياتوكيل الفور افر في الجزائر
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ايرون سيرفر IRON CAM
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XCruiser HD كل ما يخص أجهزة الأكس كروزر HD

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قديم 11-12-2017, 03:04 PM
الصورة الرمزية Q8SAT
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Q8SAT is on a distinguished road
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تحديث للجهاز الجديد من اكزروز
Release Note 1.5.0 r12323
Software Bugs Solved
1. Hangup while on Standby : Solved
2. If power cut while on standby and power back then reciever not going back to standby mode : Solved
3. Menu => Manager => Android => Language & Input => UP DOWN keys not working : Solved
4. Weather forecast not saving the search cities : Solved
5. Youtube updated to play 4K videos in 60FPS : Updated
6. If set the HDR10 in android advanced menu then menu if foggy : Solved
7. Favorite group channels mixing with other favorite group : Solved
8. Wifi connectivity issue with IPTV streaming : Solved
9. Menu => Setting => System Recovery => Delete All Plugin Data : Added
10. Improved timezone selection interface and fixed timezone bug : Solved
11. Recording DUAL 4K HDR and PIP : Improved
Feature Additions
1. Mordern Launcher Added
Menu => Settings => System Setting => Launcher Style => Classic or Modern
With modern style you can see all ICONs in same place more easy to access and easy to findout
2. PQ Settings which has improved the picture quality
Now you can make your own settings, while watching live channel press and hold V.FORMAT key will open PQ Settings
you can now adjust the picture quality prefrences like Display mode and Imprex Engine
Display Mode
With display mode you can adjust brightness, contrast, hue & saturation on LIVE Channel also there is predefined settings Standard, Coloful, Theater, Sports and your own custom settings
Imprex Engine will give you the stunning picture quality
This setting is auto Enhancement settings for HDR10 4K TV and Videos
Note: This settings will not work if the HDR mode is selected in Android Advanced menu
3. Hotkey in Menu => Manager => Hotkey
With the help of this option you can assign any application that you use often, example : MytvOnline, instead pressing keys several times you can press the assigned hotkey and it open the application rightaway,
at present this option is for XDSR515HDR remote, later it will be added forXDSR585HDR and XDSR685HDR-Avant remotes
4. LAMEDB, lamedb is a channel list from Enigma2 receiver that you can import directly into the receiver
copy the lamedb file to USB and connect USB to receiver, press Menu => Manager => Data Transfer => Data Download From USB => Select Service Data Download and pres the LAMEDB file press OK to download
NOTE: If download the LAMEDB then your present channels will be deleted andlamedb channels will be added
5. Import M3U file channel into reciever channel list and watch the IPTV and Satellite side by side
Open your USB device and make a folder M3U and copy your .m3u file in the USB M3U folder
Connect the USB to receiver and press MENU => Setting => IP Channel Search
receiver can keep 3packages if you have multiple .m3u files then you can import and keep 3 different packages
1. Select the package
2. Write the Package Name (optional)
3. Package Path press OK Select Local then you see your M3U file, select itand press OK
4. Start the Search, it will merge all the channel links from M3U into your satellite channels
5. After import finish press EXIT and go to live tv mode and press OK key to see the channel list or press FAVORITE key and select IP NETWORK, now you can see all your m3u channels
With this way you can watch, record, timeshift and Timeshift record also you can watch 1 channels from satellite and 1 channel from M3U IPTV, and another channel from DVB-T2, now no limit on recording channels of any category,
1. M3U can be import directly from server by typing the server address and import
6. Close all the open application by single click
if you have opened many application and want to close them all in 1 click then press and hold the MENU key when you see the task list press RED key will close all open applications
7. Network connection ICON and Weather added (only for modern launcher)
When you open the modern launcher you can see the network icon on the top right and weather on top left
8. Support for Widevine Level3 : Added
9. Menu => Manager => Android => Device info => Status => Uptime,
10. As usual we have solved so many unreported bugs

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قديم 18-06-2018, 03:38 AM   رقم المشاركة : [2]
الصورة الرمزية Q8SAT

Q8SAT is on a distinguished road
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